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London Is Open

A beautiful fireworks display along the Thames to bring in 2019.

It's no secret the UK has some testing times ahead. Since the vote to leave the European Union back in 2016, the process known as Brexit has been a divisive issue for many Brits. For those in favor it's a nod for independence and the belief that life after leaving the EU will be an improvement. For those against, it's a constant source of frustration and confusion.

Nearly two and a half years after the initial referendum, negotiations are still in Limbo and nobody knows how things will pan out. Meanwhile London is doing what it can to continue to promote it's lifeblood - tourism. The hashtag #LondonIsOpen is one such example. The campaign seeks to encourage people to visit the city by reassuring them that no matter what happens, London is and always will be an inclusive place of welcome.

I was fortunate enough to be in London for New Year's Eve. I witnessed the most exquisite fireworks display. The atmosphere was electric down along the Thames with the London Eye as the focal point. The music was pumping as party goers from many different walks of life celebrated together. Nothing has changed - London is as vibrant as ever.

Amidst the political uncertainty there is a positive vibe. The resilience that Londoners are famous for is still there in spades. As we said goodbye to 2018, the renewed optimism that comes with each new year was in full swing. Let there be no doubt, London is open.

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