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Heavily Entertaining

Robbie Williams is currently touring Australia with his Heavy Entertainment show and it appears to be living up to its name. Having been a household name in the music industry for over 20 years, Robbie is sounding as good as ever and he certainly hasn't lost any of his trademark confidence along the way. Ever the showman, he embraces his age as he proudly shows off his "Dad bod" on stage.

The show has a nostalgic theme throughout as he regales the audience with stories of his childhood and early years with the British boy band Take That. It's a refreshing look at a rock star who is obviously proud of his roots. At one point during the show Robbie introduces his Dad, Peter, who was a performer in his own right when Robbie was younger. Peter came out to sing Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" and the audience joined in with full voice. There was also a touching tribute to Robbie's other boyhood hero, George Michael, as he sang his own heartwarming rendition of "Freedom 90"

He sang a couple of Take That songs as well as the majority of his popular solo work, including his very first number one single, "Millennium" from 1998. He told the audience that his recent song "Love my Life" was written for his daughter Teddy and son Charlie.

There was some lighter moments throughout the show with several jokes and one-liners. For the song "Something Stupid" he pulled a male audience member onto the stage and proceeded to sit on his lap while he serenaded the man. This had the rest of the audience in stitches.

By the end of the night he had the fans in the palm of his hand. He mentioned his love of Australia throughout the show and he asked everyone to join in as he sang the Men At Work classic "Down Under". The show finished on a high when he sang "My Way" a song made famous by Frank Sinatra that Robbie covered on his "Swing while you're Winning" album. As he remarked during the show, he still plays to sold out stadiums. Australia is certainly no exception. The Heavy Entertainment tour began in Australia on February 20th in Brisbane and will conclude in Perth on March 7th.

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